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  • Rocky Mountain National Park

    Our last full day on vacation had only one item on the agenda, to drive around Rocky Mountain National Park. This makes something like our fifth NPS property visited on this trip, all except for Mount Rushmore being very topographically oriented. Since we’d spent an inordinate amount of time in the plains the last few […]

  • the trail through Wyoming

    At the Parkway Plaza, there were no free waffles, but they did have a restaurant on the premises, so we moseyed down there later than we should have for the first real breakfast of the trip. The food was good, there were a few too many flies buzzing around the windows, but this didn’t seem […]

  • Date with Devils Tower

    After three nights in Rapid City, you’d think we would’ve seen all there was to see there, but no, as it turns out we could’ve spent probably two extra days there doing other stuff that was definitely on the second tier but still seemed worth checking out. But the agenda had already been set, so […]

  • The Badlands Beckon

    After more waffles, we drove east from Rapid City this morning to visit the Badlands National Park. It was hard to tell from the pictures and the literature what exactly to expect there, but it was quite a place. From our hotel it only took about an hour to get within sight of the place. […]

  • Hello from Mount Rushmore

    So the focal point of the pilgrimage was at hand today, the momentous trip to…Mount Rushmore! Or as Justin would call it, Mountain Rushmore. We slept in a little this morning and got to the free continental breakfast by 8:30 or so. As luck would have it they have the same waffle maker as the […]

  • a trip through no-man’s land

    As we drove from Fort Collins up towards Douglas, Wyoming, then veering off the Interstate into South Dakota, we were treated to an endless nearly pristine prairie landscape. The lack of topographical features wouldn’t be so pronounced if it wasn’t for the lack of everything else – people, cars, houses, trees, even the cattle that […]

  • Cheyenne Frontier Days

    Our first full day in the wild west, so what better way to spend a slightly jet-lagged day than at the World’s Largest Rodeo, otherwise known as Cheyenne Frontier Days, going on this week in the capital of Wyoming just up the road. Now, all I knew about rodeo is the 30 seconds I see […]

  • greetings from colorado

    Here we are in Fort Collins, Colorado, on day one of a nine-day odyssey through the northern plains that constitutes this year’s vacation. The original intentwas to go to Scotland for the Worldcon, but since the airfare never dropped below $800, we went for plan B instead, and I have a feeling that the Black […]

  • Drury at NEC

    Went to NEC last night to hear Stephen Drury give a free recital. I heard him last year for the first time as part of his SICPP contemporary piano festival doing the Concord Sonata, and while last night’s program wasn’t quite as cutting edge, there was still a lot of non-standard recital fare. Putting aside […]

  • Sunday in Cranston

    One of the interesting things about the piano group is you never know where you’ll be next for a Sunday afternoon soiree. This past weekend it was Cranston, RI, home of one of our members, Richard, who’s a retired doctor (not to be confused with the other Richard, who’s still a practicing doctor, so to […]