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  • Team Slow lives up to its name

    At trivia night last night at Elephant & Castle, Rahul, Darren and I gorged on free appetizers but didn’t do so well in the trivia department. We really need more people, both a sports guy and a guy that watches a lot of current tv. Our previous attempt was a couple of months ago, with […]

  • We won a Christmas tree!

    Chloe texted me during chorus rehearsal last night to tell me we’d gotten the call from the Marlborough Historical Society that we won a Christmas tree, one of the 41 decorated trees they were raffling off in their annual Festival of Trees that we visited on Sunday. We can’t remember exactly what this one looked […]

  • Thanksgiving recap

    For the first time since July 2005, Jill and Bob and the girls came to Boston for a Thanksgiving visit this past week. I’ve been badgering them to come out for the last few years, particularly when I’m entertained with descriptions of their frequent trips to southern California and now Florida to visit other various […]

  • Whatever happened to Denis Morel?

    From the fall of 1975 to the spring of 1977 I studied piano with Denis Morel, who basically was the piano faculty at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois. My studies with him coincided with his entire tenure at the small liberal arts college. How he ended up there I have no idea. Morel made reference […]

  • and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for

    Well, it wasn’t supposed to take six months to get the final pictures up, but these things happen…

  • The kitchen, during

    In the interest of creating phony dramatic tension, now here are some pictures of the kitchen shortly after the demolition. Also, the living room wall which crumbled when they jacked up the house to make it level.

  • The kitchen, before

    So here’s what the kitchen used to look like (although it typically was not this empty). These pictures were taken around mid-July, just before the destruction began.

  • Last day in Denver

    Last day in Denver, and let’s be honest there’s not a lot going on here other than your general outdoor activities. We had thought about going to the science museum after the convention was over, but it’s only open until 5 and it was already after 2, so I decided to skip it and we […]

  • Worldcon Day 2

    Beth took the kids to a student production of Peter Pan this morning that was nearby, then they drove out somewhere and did some shopping. Meanwhile it was day two of Worldcon, and today’s panels were a little more interesting, although even though I got a good night’s sleep I still passed out for a […]

  • Worldcon 2008

    The first day of the Worldcon had finally arrived and for once we were already in the city and ready to get started. Beth decided that the most interesting thing to do in Denver would be to get the car and drive down to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, which took most of […]