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  • Report from Boskone 40 So this was my 10th Boskone. When I went to my first in 1994 it was only their second year in Framingham, which is extremely convenient for me since I live the next town over. I already knew where all the fast food places were (not entirely self-evident when you walk […]

  • Oops, it’s suddenly past 11 and I don’t have time to enter a full description of the convention, so I’ll have to leave that for tomorrow (hopeful that I can still remember it by then). In summary it was a good show, interesting to have it Boston for the first time in my experience, as […]

  • That feeling of a sore behind must mean I’ve been spending the weekend at a science fiction convention, where the main pasttime, at least for me, is sitting in relatively uncomfortable conference room chairs listening to panels. This year’s Boskone has David Brin as guest of honor, whom I’ve seen a couple of times before […]

  • Last night in a fit of industriousness I posted all my old Christmas letters on this website, so that they may be available to all for historical and research purposes. I even converted the three most recent ones to html (the others were carried over from the old website on ultranet). I don’t know about […]

  • I thought I’d cruise today and just repost Laura’s summary of last night’s classics reading group, but her summary was so vague she could have written it without actually having been there. The book was selections from Canterbury Tales, specifically the Knight’s Tale, the Miller’s Tale, the Wife of Bath’s Tale and the Scholar’s (Clerk’s) […]

  • The Locus Best of 2002 list is out, and as usual this gets me going on what to read next, trying to handicap what will be nominated for the Hugos. Last year I was able to read 16 of the 17 novellas and nominated 5, of which I think one or two actually made it […]

  • Beth was babysitting for two of Kedron’s kids when I got home this evening, and we all ate dinner more or less together, so I got a brief glimpse of what it would be like to have four kids, with Beth at one end of the table and me at the other. A brief glimpse […]

  • Made most of the reservations last night for the trip to New York at the end of the month. since I already knew what I wanted to do and where we were going to stay, I was able to book three different things in three browsers and spent about $500 in 10 minutes. Isn’t the […]

  • It’s Sunday night and it’s late, but I wanted to give this a try. I’ve had this web site for two years and haven’t done anything with it, so maybe this weblog thing is the way to go, since I’m obviously not getting stuff uploaded the old-fashioned way. Hope to have some family pictures, some […]