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  • Labor Day parade (abridged)

    Here’s all you need to see from last week’s labor day parade.  the MHS marching band, followed by Scott Brown, followed by the music association float (with Chloe riding on the back).  I left the Scott Brown part in just to hear his fellow marchers exhort the spectators into cheering for him.  I missed getting […]

  • Monomoy boat ride

    Finally uploaded the video from our boat trip out of Harwich to Monomoy island to see the seals (no sharks).  Beautiful day to be out on the water, it was our last full day on the cape, and before we were even half way through the trip Chloe was asking to take another boat ride, […]

  • Beth completes jury trial

    After 30 years of trying, Beth finally got empanelled on a jury last Thursday, and it turned out to be a drug trafficking case that lasted through today.  A couple of jurors were holding out that in spite of the lack of evidence he was a drug dealer anyway and should be locked up, but […]

  • MHS music honor society endorses Elizabeth Warren

    Chloe helped build and then rode on the Tri-M float in yesterday’s parade, and look, they made a new friend!  Beth only got to shake her hand.

  • Never Forget, but I’d rather not remember

    Ten years on from September 11 and we still can’t stop thinking about it.  The imagery doesn’t degrade with repeated viewings, and neither does that feeling of disconnectedness to the real world, that we’d now entered a new science fictional age where these kinds of things could actually happen and not just be a made-up […]

  • Happy new year!

    Will 2010 be a different sort of year? Considering it started with another heartbreaking overtime bowl game loss for the wildcats, so far the answer seems to be, “probably not.”. I wasn’t sorry to be sitting at home to watch instead of sitting there in the pouring rain. I wonder at what point in the […]

  • Slow ride into Boston today

    Not an all-time record, but this morning took two and a half hours to make the trip by commuter bus from downtown to downtown, about twice what it normally takes. This is coming off just a couple of weeks ago when it took an hour and five minutes, a record on the other end for […]

  • Wildcats heading for Tampa

    Nate called out of nowhere yesterday to talk bowl bids. I was at the gym, and Chloe figured it was some guy wanting money or selling magazines or whatever, until Nate convinced her otherwise. Then I was off to Rhode Island for the afternoon’s piano group soiree, so no sooner was I back and sat […]

  • Chloe makes the basketball team

    Chloe got the news yesterday that she’d been picked for the freshman basketball team at MHS. She was a nervous wreck Wednesday night waiting to find out but got the thumbs up finally the next day, followed immediately by a bus trip to Wayland for a practice scrimmage. Marlborough has something of a competitive advantage […]

  • Rabbit, Run, by John Updike

    This month’s classics reading group took advantage of John Updike’s recent demise to read his most famous, or notorious, novel, “Rabbit, Run”, which is now upon its 50th anniversary of publication. This is a little bit of a departure for us, since we don’t often get to read American stories that take place within the […]