Author: Mark

  • tour de france update

    While the TdF is going on, it’s a little more difficult to keep focused on anything else, like updating a web log. Floyd takes the yellow jersey today, in the first big mountain stage, while all the rest of the American hopefuls go belly-up. Without Lance, Ullrich and Basso in there, it’s any man’s tour, […]

  • 20 years ago this month

    20 years ago this month Beth and I first met, although neither of us could tell you when exactly or what was said or whatever. My first summer in Boston, I was taking classes at Tufts in my spare time for graduate credit. The summer session was split into two, and I took one class […]

  • Lermontov

    I didn’t mention it here at the time because it was during one of my extended posting lacunae, but after 12 years the Borders Classics Reading Group was forced to find a new home when the eponymous location in Framingham decided to close at the end of last year. Laura researched a few alternatives and […]

  • let’s review

    OK, so what’s been going on since that memorable new year’s in El Paso? I think we can summarize the high points as: first week of March – went to Chinafirst weekend in May – went to NYCfirst weekend in June – went to Philadelphiafirst Sunday in July – went to Fitchburg The gradual downward […]

  • ping

    OK, it’s been six months, I don’t know why. But I do know that with Readercon this past weekend, I feel like writing again all of a sudden. I felt this way last year after Boskone, too, and it lasted maybe a week, let’s see how we do this time. Guests of honor this time […]

  • El Paso post mortem

    Back home safe and sound, no thanks to United. As we were driving back from New Mexico on New Year’s Eve, my cellphone went off, and it was an automated message from them saying my flight from Denver to Boston had been cancelled and I had been rebooked on a flight that left 7 hours […]

  • Happy New Year!

    I’m punting on finishing up the trip diary tonight, but here’s the pictures I took to cover me for this evening. Too bad there was a big ol’ fingerprint on the lens that I didn’t notice until this evening. Oh, well, it gives an appropriate soft focus to the shots from the game.

  • Losers again…

    As we were walking towards the stadium yesterday morning, I threw out the question, “So what if we do win? What happens, do we keep going to these things, or do we stop?” Well, it’s a quandary that can wait at least one more year, since the Wildcats were unable to overcome a variety of […]

  • one last pre-game entry

    The big game is four short hours away, and there’s purple everywhere in El Paso. Wildcats fans were well represented at the “Fan Fiesta” at the convention center yesterday, and definitely made more noise than the UCLA contingent, which didn’t look particularly large. The news last night says they’re within a couple of thousand tickets […]

  • greetings from el paso

    I know I’ve been remiss in posting to this site lately, what with the mortgage, and its father dying, and BBC2 going out with men, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about doing it, I just haven’t been that inspired lately. But now that the holidays are about over, what better time for […]