Author: Mark

  • Fossil hunting

    Woke up bright and early so we could be on the road in time to get to the fossil dig by the proscribed 9am. Had one last free hotel continental breakfast, where they made the waffles for you, then it was a long drive down a completely deserted US-30 to Ulrich’s Fossil Site just up […]

  • Bonus day in Jackson

    Today was the nebulous day between the rafting trip yesterday and the fossil excavation tomorrow. The only goal was to get somewhere close to Fossil Butte National Monument by nightfall, which ends up being Montpelier, Idaho, unless you want to stay at a flophouse or double back a similar distance through the wasteland of southern […]

  • Onward to Jackson

    After four nights in Yellowstone, we hated to leave, but felt like we had done quite a bit so there weren’t too many regrets. The kids were more than happy to go back to the same diner as yesterday for breakfast and order the same cheese omelet, so we could get on the road by […]

  • The Other Grand Canyon

    So far this trip has been comparatively hike-free for a National Park tour, mostly because there are so many things to see that right off the road. We did do a lot of walking through the upper geyser basin on Thursday, but it was all paved roads and boardwalks, not exactly a hike. So today […]

  • Not necessarily mammoth

    This morning no one could get out of bed early, including myself, so it was 9 before we made our way to the village general store and grabbed a few breakfasty items, and ate them right outside on a picnic bench. Checked in at the visitor’s center, where they said the road to Fishing Bridge […]

  • Geyser city

    Until I started to educate myself about Yellowstone, its primary claim to fame was as the home of Old Faithful, and that was the initial reason to come here, as we check off the iconic American landmarks one by one. So on our first full day in the park, that was where I felt we […]

  • Grand Tour of Yellowstone

    Today was another long day in the saddle as they say in bike racing, longer than it should have been as we were expecting to do about 320 miles and ended up around 400. This was not the fault of Google Maps or myself, as I’ll get to in a minute. After travelling so much […]

  • Hello from Wyoming

    So here we are back in Wyoming, a mere three years after our last trip out this way. Last time we covered the eastern half on our way to and from South Dakota, this time we tour the western half, starting here in scenic Casper (after a four hour drive from Denver last night), and […]

  • Around the Cape

    Our whirlwind weekend on the Cape saw much better weather on Sunday, with sunny skies albeit somewhat cooler temperatures. The kids saw this as a recipe for a return trip to the beach, but we had other ideas, and the beach was plenty windy the day before when it was warm, a cold and windy […]

  • Down the Cape

    Taking advantage of a commitment-free weekend to spend a couple of days with the family on The Cape (that’s Cape Cod if you’re not from around here. You can even buy a sweatshirt that just says “The Cape”). I haven’t been here since Beth and I did a road trip down this way 20 years […]