The 1500 day diary

it’s MLK day 2021. Been a while since i posted here, longer ago than i would have thought. but time has no meaning during a pandemic, we just passed 10 months of quarantine/working from home/shunning human contact, maybe the end is in sight, but not sure when that end will be, maybe this summer, maybe sooner, maybe later.

there’s an inauguration in 2 days, that’s a milestone. the last inauguration i was in the hospital, and missed the whole thing, which wasn’t a bad thing. this time around there’s more promise of things to come that are worth waiting for.

also today it’s 1500 days until i turn 62. that’s a fairly arbitrary milestone, but let’s just say that anything that doesn’t happen in the next 1500 days probably will never happen. i’m only a year away from outliving my dad, at the moment it seems like that milestone will happen. I don’t feel particularly old, except when i stand up, but it’s time to set a goal and maybe use this forum as a diary/check-in of accomplishments along the way. I started a blog in 2003, and ran out of things to talk about shortly thereafter, but there aren’t all that many years left, so time to take inventory in text form. The kids grew up and moved out, I’ve spent the last couple of years creating an inventory of all my books, and setting up a library in the house where everything is out, somewhat organized, and accessible, something that hadn’t been the case for 20 years. Now I’m trying to get a home gym going, with an exercise bike I just acquired in Justin’s room, and putting together a workout bench that I bought in October of 2018, another unconscionable passage of time.

Time to finally learn German. Time to inventory and disperse to some degree my comic collection that I started in 1976. We’re at the point where some things being considered can be thought of as doing them for the last time. but hopefully there’s still plenty of time left, at least until 62, 4 years and a bit from now, it’s a goal anyway, let’s try to keep this forum as an update of how things are going. Maybe someday the pandemic will end and we’ll be back to normal, it’s been 10 months already and that seemed to go by relatively quickly. With a President Biden maybe we don’t have to spend so much time watching the news or looking at twitter wondering what’s going to happen next and will the republic survive. Let’s see what happens.