Justin finished 10th out of 40 in the Y-14 men’s epee division at this weekend’s tournament at the University of New Hampshire.  According to Coach Bob, who knows how this works, this means he’s qualified to compete in the national tournament, which this year is in scenic Columbus Ohio.   He had 3 rated fencers in his pool of six, and finished the pool at 5-1 (the one kid who beat him ultimately placed 5th).  This was good enough for a first round bye.  In the Direct Elimination (DE) round, he won his first match handily, but lost in the round of 16 to the eventual 7th place winner.  Of the seven kids he faced, five of them were left-handed, which defies all statistical probability.

In case you think I’m making this up, results are posted here.  I got every bout on video, but will probably just upload a couple of select ones, Justin was particularly happy with his come-from-behind victory in the second bout after being down 4-1.  This was his first tournament since last spring, and has given him new motiviation to fence in more local tournaments.

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In no particular order, and not counting the ones who’ve already snuffed it:

Quentin Tarantino
Jet Li
Mike Myers
Johnny Depp
Helen Hunt
Greg Kinnear
Brigitte Nielsen
Phoebe Cates
Elisabeth Shue
Rob Schneider
Tatum O’Neal
Brad Pitt
Lisa Kudrow
Jennifer Beals
John Stamos
Vanessa Williams
Alex Kingston
Michael Chiklis
Lisa Whelchel
Norm MacDonald
Conan O’Brien
Michael Jordan
George Michael
Russell T. Davies
Graham Norton
Charles Barkley
Mark McGwire

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Cats win! Cats win!

Jan 1, 2013

The bowl drought is over!  I was there to see the first bowl game loss in 1996 (the Rose Bowl, 17 years ago, ouch!), and went back for more in 2000 (a blowout to Nebraska at the Alamo Bowl) and 2005 (blew a huge lead to UCLA in the Sun Bowl), and there were five or six other bowls in there where we competed, but couldn’t close the deal.  Until today, that is!  It wasn’t perfect (3 interceptions) but we had four picks of our own, Mississippi State wanted to do the usual second-half comeback that Cats fans are accustomed to, but their QB was having a seriously off day, and they couldn’t keep up the pressure enough to take charge.

It was tempting to make the trip down there, but it would have been a whirlwind tour.  Adam, Daren, Rich, Liz and Nate went, but mostly they were staying for about 48 hours, which hardly seems worth the effort.  The stadium looked about half full, even though MSU is relatively close by.  Instead I watched the game from the comfort of my living room, while the rest of the family drifted in and out.  Great win to close out a great season, those losses to Nebraska and Michigan really exasperated, but this makes up for it.  Go Cats!


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