Team Slow lives up to its name

At trivia night last night at Elephant & Castle, Rahul, Darren and I gorged on free appetizers but didn’t do so well in the trivia department. We really need more people, both a sports guy and a guy that watches a lot of current tv. Our previous attempt was a couple of months ago, with Rick chipping in that time, and we might have done marginally better this time. Darren came through with the most answers. They couldn’t crank up the audio system as much as they needed to because there was a Christmas party going on downstairs, so it was hard to hear some of the questions and I never did hear a couple of the answers, but here’s most of the questions that I can remember after 20 hours and three beers:

What are the teams that have only won the Stanley Cup once?
Name the actors/actresses who have said 3 or more quotes in AFI’s top 100 movie quotes list
What pro sports team is named after a kind of osprey?
What European capital is situated on the Spree river?
What university has Touchdown Jesus?
What is the first name of both of the Gilmore Girls?
What show is hosted by Jillian Michaels?
What North Carolina company name is an anagram of a church that was across the street from their first headquarters
What instrument do the following three guys, including Geddy Lee and some guy named Such, play?
What song was played on the radio as a signal to evacuate Saigon?
What is the occupation of Chesley Sullenberger?
What was the first item sold on ebay, which, although broken, got its owner arrested at an airport and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail?
What is the name of the bone separating your nostrils?
What movie prompted some reviewer to coin the phrase “torture porn”?
What tv character is played by Zachary Levi?
What mammal has the second largest population on Earth after humans?