Slow ride into Boston today

Not an all-time record, but this morning took two and a half hours to make the trip by commuter bus from downtown to downtown, about twice what it normally takes. This is coming off just a couple of weeks ago when it took an hour and five minutes, a record on the other end for this means of transportation.

Since September I’ve been mostly doing the commuter bus, since Chloe is on the earliest school bus now I have to get up a little earlier to work around her morning routine (although she’s pretty well got it down now so I don’t have to worry about it so much any more). It’s cheaper than commuter rail, including free parking, and picks up much closer to home, drops off close to work, although it only runs twice a day. For those days when I don’t have something going on in the city for the evening, its the easiest option. Today it was basically the only option, there was only about two inches of snow on the roads but it was still coming down and the plows hadn’t mobilized yet, so driving 6 miles to the commuter rail or 19 miles to the Green Line was more unappealing than usual. Unfortunately Route 20 was a crawl through Sudbury and Wayland, it probably took an hour to travel that one six-mile stretch. And in the city it was just raining (albeit sideways). Fortunately I had lots of reading material.

School was canceled for two inches of snow falling at the wrong time of day (although they probably ended up with significantly more before it turned to rain), so it doesn’t bode well for the winter to come. But on the other hand, last year’s first big storm was mostly ice and some people didn’t have electricity for two weeks, so it’s all relative. Let’s hope the trip home goes a little faster.