Chloe makes the basketball team

Chloe got the news yesterday that she’d been picked for the freshman basketball team at MHS. She was a nervous wreck Wednesday night waiting to find out but got the thumbs up finally the next day, followed immediately by a bus trip to Wayland for a practice scrimmage. Marlborough has something of a competitive advantage in that because the 8th grade is in with the high school, they have more kids to pick from for freshman teams than most towns, which also makes it more competitive to get on the team. So this was a real try-out that she had to pass, not just a formality, there were several girls she knew who didn’t get picked.

Helping with the basketball selection was the fact that a lot of girls are playing up a level this year due to an unusually large percentage of graduating seniors on last year’s varsity team. So several of Chloe’s classmates actually got to pass over the freshman team to play on the JV team, basically a who’s who of a lot of the same girls Chloe has played both with and against during the past four years of Boys & Girls Clubs basketball.

That league is also just starting and Chloe is signed up for that also, but last night’s first practice was cancelled because of this last minute scrimmage, and Saturday’s first games are postponed so that everyone can go cheer on the undefeated varsity football team as they play their first high school superbowl in 30 years or so.

This is all coming closely on the heels of the end of the volleyball season, where Chloe was also on the freshman team and they ended up with a convincing winning record (no playoffs at that level, though). Given her parentage, who would have guessed that she’d be such a sports pro? Still have to get used to saying “Go Panthers!”