Last day in Denver

Last day in Denver, and let’s be honest there’s not a lot going on here other than your general outdoor activities.

We had thought about going to the science museum after the convention was over, but it’s only open until 5 and it was already after 2, so I decided to skip it and we walked over to the Virgin Megastore instead. It turned out to be a short visit, since their classical section was fairly lame and nothing was on sale. Beth was in the middle of doing laundry at the hotel, so we went back and checked on the clothes and hung out for a while watching the Olympics, then went out early for one last dinner, at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Back in the room it was more Olympics and more packing, trying to figure out how to get everything into the suitcases and keep them under the weight limit. Have to get up early tomorrow to get the car dropped off and get to the terminal for a 10am flight to Philadelphia, should be home by 7:30 or 8pm if everything is on schedule.

So it was a long trip, more like two trips back to back, with a clear dividing line during that long drive through southern Wyoming on Tuesday. Next year’s Worldcon is in Montreal, much easier to manage, and 2010 is in Australia, so we can skip that one entirely. Lots to get through after this trip, lots of ideas, hope they stick long enough that something comes of it.