Hello from Wyoming

So here we are back in Wyoming, a mere three years after our last trip out this way. Last time we covered the eastern half on our way to and from South Dakota, this time we tour the western half, starting here in scenic Casper (after a four hour drive from Denver last night), and heading towards Yellowstone. We’ll spend a few days up there, then back down the western side through Jackson and Kemmerer with a short dip into Idaho in between, just to say we’ve been in Idaho, then back to Denver next week for this year’s Worldcon.

The flights from Providence to Chicago to Denver were all on time and completely unremarkable. This was our first time flying on Southwest, and I had failed to appreciate the nature of their every man for himself boarding policy (i.e. no assigned seats), but it worked out ok, the kids could sit by themselves way up in the front of the plane on the first leg while we sat towards the back. For the second half we put right in front of us (which means nobody leaning their seat way back into my knees the second the plane is in the air). Once in Denver we talked to an older bleached blonde lady at the Alamo rental counter who was so friendly you couldn’t help but think it was a diversionary tactic to rip us off, but we ended up with a Chrysler Town and Country that has satellite radio and a dvd player, so that should help ease the transition to Yellowstone.

Still right on schedule, we headed north to Cheyenne, where we had dinner at Los Amigos, a Mexican place we’d tried to check out last time but managed to hit on the day they were closed. This time we could get enchiladas and tacos, all very tasty, with $2.75 margaritas, which were served in a plastic tumbler, but hey, they’re $2.75 margaritas, what can you complain about? It would have been nice to stop right in Cheyenne for the evening, but there was still another 8 or 9 hours of driving to Yellowstone, so we pushed on through the vast wasteland that is southeastern Wyoming for another 2.5 hours to Casper. There wasn’t much traffic, and by the time we got here to the “Sleep Inn” in Evansville around 9:30 or so the sky had just gone completely dark. Still a certain amount of scenery through that stretch, highlighted by the sun setting.

So today is another 6 hours of driving to get to Canyon Village by way of Thermopolis and Cody, which promises to be much more scenic. But there’s no internet in the park, so there won’t be any more updates until at least Sunday night. We’ve got the cameras ready though!