Around the Cape

Our whirlwind weekend on the Cape saw much better weather on Sunday, with sunny skies albeit somewhat cooler temperatures. The kids saw this as a recipe for a return trip to the beach, but we had other ideas, and the beach was plenty windy the day before when it was warm, a cold and windy beach didn’t seem that appealing.

We checked out of the Tidewater Inn after walking around the grounds a bit to see what the rest of it looked like, and in the daylight, including the indoor pool and on-site restaurant. Beth was intrigued by its potential for a mid-winter getaway for her usual Storyland crowd, something they tried last winter for the first time

with limited success. Armed with a pile of brochures and newspaper ads, we crossed from south to north to Yarmouthport and landed at the Optimist Cafe for breakfast, an 1860’s era house converted into a restaurant that served up standard breakfast fare. Just down the street was the Edward Gorey house that we wanted to check out, but they didn’t open until 12 and after breakfast we still had an hour to kill, so we drove back to Brewster and did a quick tour of Nickerson State Park, where Beth has been camping with the Girl Scout leaders in years past. The Cape Cod Rail Trail cuts right through it on its way from Dennis to Wellfleet, but we drove to the lake within the park and walked around a bit, Chloe was being very difficult about communing with nature so that didn’t help.

So after an hour or so we headed back to Yarmouth and took a tour of the Edward Gorey house , which has only recently opened up as a museum (since he only died in 2000) and has the ultimate gift shop if you’re into Edward Gorey at all. Best known for the drawings that became the opening animation for the Mystery series on PBS 20 years or so ago, he was an eccentric guy who managed to make a living producing odd illustrated stories with a certain macabre appeal. Justin remembered the Gorey calendar we had last year based on his book The Gashleycrumb Tinies, which is an alphabet primer about a group of unfortunate children who each meet with some gruesome demise (i.e. “A is for Amy who fell down the stairs”).

Once we left the Gorey house it was well past lunchtime and time to start thinking about wrapping things up, but we hadn’t done any souvenir shopping, so we went back to West Yarmouth and had a late lunch at Molly’s Pub, which was short on ambiance and looked to be a good place to watch sports and pick up strange women, but the food was decent and reasonably priced, at least for lunch. Next door was a Cuffy’s , which sells almost nothing but Cape Cod t-shirts and sweatshirts, most of which were pretty plain, but Chloe and Justin found something they liked and have been wearing them ever since. They had a deal to buy one get one free, or buy two and get 4 free, but we were hard-pressed to find four more of anything that we wanted (although Chloe would have probably been up for getting 4 of the same thing in different colors).

That was our last stop on the trip before heading back up 495 to home. We listened to the Patriots game along the way, but it was such a blowout it wasn’t that interesting, and we were back at the house by 6:30 where we could finish watching the carnage on the new tv.