Last, lazy day

Apr 21, 2007

Our last real vacation day had no agenda, and the weather was promising, 70 degrees and sunny, so no one was in a hurry to get going. I waited around a while this morning and finally decided to go for a run around 8:30, figuring by the time I got back everyone else would be eating breakfast downstairs, but no, they were all still in the room and Justin was still in his pajamas. I ran up the boardwalk to the end at 40th street and back to the hotel at 16th, about 45 minutes, there were a fair number of people out and about, some in shorts and some wearing sweaters, it was plenty sunny and warm when the breeze off the ocean stopped.

After we finally got everyone moving and had breakfast, we headed out the back door to the beach and spent 90 minutes or so just hanging around, we hadn’t brought much beach gear with us, but Justin kept himself entertained digging in the sand and chloe tried the surf but it was too cold for her to get in much past her knees. We went back to the room about 12:30 to get something to eat. Since we still had pizza left over from last night, beth got a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches from the restaurant downstairs for the kids and we ate right in the room, then just hung out for a while, I dozed off for a while, the kids watched tv, it was a low-key sort of thing. about 3pm we got up enough gumption to go out again and walked around, first down to a few gift shops on the fishing pier, then up Atlantic to check out some of the touristy shops where I got myself a Virginia Beach hat and sweatshirt. That took a couple of hours, and we came back to the room ready to figure out where to go for dinner, our last night out, and after considering various possibilities ended up right next door at the Boardwalk Hotel’s restaurant called Rock Fish, which is a big crab place and has lots of Beatles memorabilia hanging up everywhere. I pigged out on seafood pasta and crab cakes, the kids got chicken fingers but didn’t really eat much, and Beth had a cheeseburger. After dinner we went back to the room, caught the end of the Red Sox game, they beat the Yankees again! Chloe and Justin had some Disney Channel show they wanted to watch, so we let them stay up and check that out, then hustled everyone in to bed to rest up for the long and winding road up I-95 and back home tomorrow.

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