Sox win! Sox win!

First full day of the convention for me, everybody slept in and didn’t really eat breakfast. Surprisingly, the Marriott has a coin-operated laundry, so Beth did some clothes with the kids since the dust of the Grand Canyon had limited the reusability of some items. After that they went back to Downtown Disney and used some of their hard-earned Disney Dollars to buy these tradable pin collection things where all the Disney employees wear a bunch and you just walk up to them and ask for a trade, I guess. Chloe was quite good at it, being her usual fearless self, Justin was a bit shy about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I was at the convention, where I saw some worthwhile panels. I met up with the rest of the family back at the hotel late in the afternoon and we were off to Angels Stadium to see the Red Sox. The kids had never seen them play in person before, and I haven’t been to Fenway since Wolsky showed up with Ratso Rizzo and an extra ticket, which was at least five or six years ago. We cabbed it over to the stadium at the suggestion of the bellhop, who underestimated what it would cost, but it beat trying to figure out where to park and then having to hoof it from there anyway. The stadium is only a couple of miles from the hotel, on the other side of the freeway, if you were at Fenway, you’d probably have to park at least that far away, but too far for us, particularly on the way back. We got there early enough to have a quick, overpriced dinner of hot dogs, brats, etc., and made it to our seats in the upper deck down the first base line near the foul pole shortly before the game began. The stadium was only about half full when the game started, but it was a sellout, and eventually most everyone showed up, although they started leaving around the 7th inning. People were constantly moving around to different seats, so you never knew for sure who was still there and who had left for good. There were quite a few Red Sox fans, not a majority, but enough to make their presence felt. Josh Beckett pitched a solid game into the 7th, then was replaced before he fell apart by Timlin, with Papelbon coming in at the end for the save. Got to see Big Papi hit a solo homer for the first score of the game. It came down to the wire, final score, Red Sox 2, Angels 1.

The cab on the way back cost even more because we had to sit in traffic for a while to get out of the stadium. Parking there was 8 bucks, 5 if you parked in a private lot, so I don’t know if the cab thing was worthwhile. The driver we got on the return trip was quite garrulous, covering baseball, science fiction, politics, traffic violations, and probably several other topics all in the 15 minutes or so we were in the cab. The kids were totally trashed, and now we have to get up early tomorrow to attack Disneyland, hope they’re awake enough to enjoy it.