This evening we had our first round of auditions for new chorus members, in anticipation of rehearsals starting up right after Labor Day. We’ve never done a midsummer audition before, but Steven’s idea was to see how many people would sign up, and if we found some good ones we could get them to accept before they were tempted away by other organizations.

As it ended up, there were only four auditionees, and only one worth keeping. The others weren’t bad, they had some aptitude in one area or another, but Steven is setting the new member bar fairly high, so some who may have squeaked in in previous years would be shown the door this time around. The thing to remember in being picky is that people who are that good can also be picky, and they may actually get accepted by a few choruses and then basically audition us at the first couple of rehearsals and see which one they like better.

We have a few advantages, not the least of which is the friendly nature of the group, which many new people have remarked upon, although I’m relatively surprised by that because I always feel like we could be a lot friendlier than we are. It was a different dynamic in the early days (before my time) when most members were from the local area and probably already knew each other outside of the chorus. But as the group grew in stature, the net got cast wider and now you’ve got people coming from all over the place. Although a suburban location leaves out those who need public transportation, it conversely includes people from outside the city who need to have a location with plenty of parking or who just plain avoid driving close in to Boston like the plague.

The next round of auditions is at the end of August, while we’re in California, so I won’t be around for those, although they should be better represented. We need to beef up the membership roster, so let’s hope they start coming out of the woodwork soon.