greetings from colorado

Here we are in Fort Collins, Colorado, on day one of a nine-day odyssey through the northern plains that constitutes this year’s vacation. The original intent
was to go to Scotland for the Worldcon, but since the airfare never dropped below $800, we went for plan B instead, and I have a feeling that the Black Hills
will look a little like Scotland if it’s a particularly rainy day and you squint really hard.

Got up earlier than usual for a 10am flight to Denver by way of Dallas which took forever but was basically on time and uneventful. As there is no food on
flights of any duration any more, this made a challenge for keeping the kids in snacks and necessitated eating lunch at what was for us 2pm in

Met up with Mom at the Denver airport right on schedule, collected the rental minivan, and since it was only about 5pm local time, headed towards Denver
first for dinner. The planning for this trip has focused primarily on Wyoming and South Dakota, but we are spending four of the 8 nights in Colorado, so I
finally took the time during the flight out to look through the AAA guide on this state, and ended up opting for the Buckhorn Exchange restaurant for dinner, where we dined on cornish hen,
buffalo and elk while the kids had burgers which they were assured was beef. The restaurant is over 100 years old, making it the oldest in Denver if not quite
in the Durgin Park category. Chloe was creeped out by the zillions of stuffed animals mounted on the walls, in cases, and hanging from the ceiling.

Got here to the hotel by 8:30 or so, the kids were totally wired but managed to wind down relatively quickly without too many threats. For this hotel only, Mom is sharing a room with us, and I fully expect them to wake up at 5am, so we may be getting an earlier start tomorrow than necessary. Then it’s off to the Cheyenne Frontier Days (which is 45 miles away, but this is as close as we could get to it
lodging-wise). Sounds kind of like the Wyoming version of the Illinois State Fair, but with the focus on rodeo instead of livestock. Today was overcast and downright cool (as we barely escaped a 90+ heatwave in Boston), but is supposed to be more normal tomorrow.

As to what’s been going on the last 11 weeks or so, well, I don’t know, I’ve been busy? I’m just a loser, I guess. Let’s see if I can keep the updates coming…