Mar 30, 2003

I finished watching City Limits (which I mistakenly referred to as “City Lights” in the previous post, which Blogger has graciously let me fix for posterity), and it truly was incomprehensible, or at least plotless. There’s an MST3K short from one of the shorts tapes where apparently in the preceding host segment Servo has been turned into the robotic equivalent of The Incredible Hulk or something, and for the first few minutes of the short all he does is grunt and say “Movie BAD!” Some times that’s about all there is >to< say. So what else has been going on? I’m totally hooked on the Prisoner, the first DVD miraculously showed up in the mail from Netflix after having been listed as “long wait” for months, so I got to watch the first episode, twice, in fact. Now I’ve bumped the next one up to the top of the list. We all went out Saturday to find a new bike for Chloe. I figured we’d go to a real bike store, but so did everyone else in the world, so it took a while to get somebody to talk to us. I had figured on her moving up to the next size, which was a 20″, and she even wasn’t dead set on pink, surprisingly. But the bike shop guy thought it wasn’t big enough to last her for very long, so she tried out the Trek MT220, which is really a real mountain bike but on a smaller scale (24″ wheels), and with the seat all the way down (instead of all the way up on the Mystic 20) she could navigate the parking lot like a pro. They have to get the right color from the warehouse, so we couldn’t actually pick it up until tomorrow, which is ok since it rained all day today anyway. So we went out looking at minivans briefly today, Beth test drove a 2004 Sienna, which is as rare and expensive as copies of “Lungbarrow”, apparently. It was very nice by minivan standards, but I still think the Odyssey will win out on both price and availability, and the features are almost identical, or close enough as to not matter that much. I just want to hurry up and buy it so in five years when its paid for I can get my next car, something frivolous like a Jag.

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