Mar 27, 2003

It has to be said: “City Limits” has got to be the most incomprehensible MST3K movie ever made! But I may be getting ahead of myself since I haven’t finished watching it yet. Maybe it all makes perfect sense in the last five minutes. Color me skeptical. Now that spring is in the air, you get that exhilirating feeling no matter what you’re reading, watching, or listening to. Last week I got some music I had ordered, the Brahms first piano concerto and some more Poulenc. Early Brahms seems to have a very open-air, springy feel to it, but it may just be the weather. And I’ve been reading through my backlog of “High Adventure” magazine, reprinting pulps from the 30’s and 40’s, specifically the Black Bat and Suicide Squad. The Ace G-Men stories seem to have a breezy, springy feel to them, too. And then watching a couple episodes of the Prisoner on DVD last week, well that takes place mostly outdoors in what is obviously an airy, springy Portmeirion doubling as “The Village”. I have the feeling The Tin Drum would seem springy right about now, but it probably has more to do with the obvious signs of this impossibly long, cold winter finally coming to an end. I can even put away the snow shovel this weekend, which is a ritual frought with meaning around these parts. I’ve got a hundred other things I want to do this weekend, too, so I’m hopeful that the weather holds out.

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