Mar 25, 2003

Not too much going on today, trying to fight off a cold, haven’t been to the gym yet this week, don’t want to sneeze all over the equipment and all. Started last week on a four-week eating plan that’s supposed to “drop two notches from your belt in just four weeks!”, which seems hard to believe, but I figure it’s a short-term thing that doesn’t seem to difficult to stick with that might give me some insight as to how to improve the diet in general. For breakfast I’ve just been having milk and cereal for the last several years, now I’m mixing it up a little more with English muffins or these lean pocket breakfast things that are sort of a substitute for a egg-white omelet. That was last week, this week adds lunch, mostly variations on sandwiches and salad or soup. Lunch is a little more involved in that it needs to be something that can be assembled in the morning, but it doesn’t seem too onerous. If I can keep the exercise thing going at the same time, that would be the best combination, but with this cold it’s not helping the game plan very much. Let’s see how much willpower I can actually muster for this sort of thing.

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