Mar 16, 2003

After one of the longest, coldest, snowiest winters in recent memory, finally a really nice weekend day to make us all remember what the rest of the year is like. It’s only mid-March, so we could still get a few more feet of snow before it’s all over, but it’s a nice sign that maybe spring is finally on its way. I personally couldn’t be more thrilled.

Spent the last two evenings watching Vengeance on Varos on DVD, which I haven’t seen in a long time. As with the Aztecs, I watched with the commentary track on, this time featuring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and and guy who played Sil, Nabil Shaban or something like that, who said he thought Sil looked like a cross between a tadpole and a turd. “I wish you hadn’t said that”, said Baker. It was a very entertaining running dialogue, they had plenty of observations to make and memories to share, particularly Shaban, who turns out to be a big Doctor Who fan in his own right. And the story is definitely prophetic, having to do with people watching violent acts on tv and actually getting to vote on the outcome, with all the Survivor and Big Brother and various other shows now having taken over the airwaves, both here and in the UK. It was never one of my favorites, but it was fun to watch it again, plus there were a number of extra scenes included, and a few outtakes, plus the BBC trailers, which are always amusing. Now if I can just get Power of Kroll and Armageddon Factor done, I’ll be all caught up with Doctor Who DVD’s, hopefully in time for the next wave in June.

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