Mar 14, 2003

So I finally made the commitment to get my own domain, and in the next few days I’ll probably migrate all these pages over to the new location. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time, but never really had the justification for needing it. But since I’m looking at adding more pictures to this site, and my verizon account only gives me about 5MB, which is only enough for about 80 or so pictures plus all the text and everything, it seemed like I finally had an excuse to do it. With the new site I’ll have 500MB, which is enough for 10,000 pictures, which should be plenty. is taken by some landscaping company who obviously had somebody who was savvy to the web at an early stage. is taken by some company who houses tons of domains made of common last names, and then sells you the rights to use them for e-mail, and maybe did some webhosting stuff too. is claimed by somebody in England. “.com” used to be the defacto for anybody, but now it seems like its original intent, that it’s really for companies, is a little more the standard, so it doesn’t really bother me to use .net instead. It sort of identifes it as my official “net presence”, and definitely bumps up the chances of anyone looking for me finding it on a web search. There are quite a number of other Mark Bartletts out there, if yahoo is any indication, so I might as well stake my claim now before one of the other ones takes it. is also taken, but that’s okay, that name won’t necessarily stick for this page. I’m already seventh on the list of hits for the word “mataglap”, I’m surprised there are that many others out there.

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