Considering how many pianists there are in the english-speaking world and how many magazines there are in the same english-speaking world, it’s somewhat surprising how hard it is to find a magazine about the piano. And I don’t mean Keyboard Magazine, which is about keyboards, after all, but one about the actual piano. I subscribed briefly to Piano & Keyboard several years ago, but at the time wasn’t playing as much and consequently not reading it that closely, so I dropped it. Now it apparently no longer exists, and I feel guilty. While we were in New York a couple of weeks ago Beth and I stopped in at Patelsons, which was about two blocks away from our hotel, and she sat and read the guide book while I browsed. They had relatively recent copies of both Clavier magazine and Piano Today, both of which I’d seen once in a while but never bought before, so I picked up one of each (the Clavier was only $2, hard to pass up). These magazines actually contain music, so it almost makes sense to keep them near the piano rather than on the bedside table. It’s usually my m.o. if I take an interest in something one of the first steps is to find a magazine about it. When I stop reading the magazine, then my interest has officially waned, so I can stop subscribing and move on to something else. I still get Opera News and BBC Music Magazine and read them semi-regularly, but I thought I’d give these a try, too, plus there’s another one from the UK called International Piano (which used to be Piano Quarterly), that’s kind of pricey, but I ordered one issue to check it out. Of course I’d rather be playing the piano than reading about playing the piano, but since my playing time is limited, this helps to keep my interest up, I suppose.