Mar 5, 2003

Seems like Blogger’s been having problems today, but maybe it’s just the network here at work doesn’t want to let me in. Last night I stopped at CompUSA on the way home to check out the PDA’s, but also picked up a copy of Adobe Photoshop Album for $10 off, since it was top-rated in PC Magazine and I was looking for something more official than the freeware JAlbum to organize pictures for the web page. After the kids were in bed I set myself down to install it, and ended up spending about two hours monkeying with stuff before it finally worked. By then it was 10 o’clock and it was too late to do anything with it. First it wouldn’t install DirectX completely (which I already had installed, but like most games, it didn’t seem to care). That required turning off all the Norton stuff before that would work (a little trick I learned a while back). Then it would start but tell me it couldn’t open the catalog because of ODBC problems. That required installing an upgrade of ODBC from Microsoft’s website. But the newest versions don’t include the JET dll’s for Access and other pc-based databases, so that was a separate download and install from Microsoft, all interspersed with frequent reboots. I pity the fool that encounters these kind of problems and doesn’t have the years of experience to know how to troubleshoot. To Adobe’s credit, it gave me enough information in the error messages to know where to look, but it was still a whole evening I could’ve been doing something else. It wasn’t until after I shut down the computer and fired up an MST3K tape that I realized I never did update my blog. I’m so looking forward to technology making my life easier.

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