Had my first real experience with the Boston Piano Amateurs Association today as a member. We met at someone’s house in Northboro, which had a good-sized music room with a grand and two uprights, plus an organ. Nobody took advantage of the multiple pianos, though. About a dozen people played, including my first contribution, the Debussy Prelude from Book 2 “Les terrases des audiences du clair de lune” or however it’s spelled. The piano was a Steinway, and a little stiff, with a couple of sticky keys, and the room dimensions were such that it took a fair amount of control to keep things from sounding too loud, but it went off pretty well. Other members played some Chopin, some Liszt, even the Copland Variations, which really >was< too loud for the room, plus not exactly a crowd-pleaser. Most of the people who played seemed to have a pretty good facility with the piano, only a couple I would classify as "beginners". Afterwards I got to talk at length with a few of them, then it was off into the pouring rain for the short drive home. This is a more or less monthly event, primarily at members' homes, presumably just members with grands, which lets me out. I'd like to check into using the Marlborough library, though, as I think that would be a good-sized venue, although its a bit dimly lit, that maybe would serve in lieu of my living room.