It’s been a dreary, rainy weekend, so what better antidote than to be cooped up inside a comic book show this morning? I almost didn’t go, but then it turned out at the last minute Ted was available, and willing to drive, so we hopped in his car and headed downtown. Probably hadn’t been to a show in almost a year. Since I only get 20 to 30 comics at each show, I figure at this rate I’ll have completed by collection of 70’s Marvels sometime in the 24th century. As one nears forty, the realization that pace one has maintained on certain things will mean those things will never be completed, it becomes a sobering indicator that the amount of time left, while hopefully long, is indeed finite (and getting more finite all the time). But I was able to find a decent copy of Where Monsters Dwell #9 for eight bucks, plus some other odds and ends, no other major fills, though. I still have some leftover comics I want to unloadl on eBay, mostly stuff Dad picked up cheap at auctions, and now that I have the scanner I mean to figure out exactly how to go about doing that.

Not much else going on, went out to dinner last night but wasn’t in the mood for a movie. Have been enjoying playing a tuned piano with no sticking keys. Monitoring our Sydney users this afternoon to make sure they could log in successfully after our upgrade Friday night. Still working on a layout for the photo album web pages, think I finally have something that will work the way I want and integrate with the rest of this site.