Tried putting up some pictures last night, but haven’t linked them to the main page yet. I think the pictures are too big (around 100K each), as at that rate I’ll run out of my allotted space here at about 40 pictures. Plus putting lots of them on one page doesn’t work that well, it takes a while to load, you have to scroll up and down, yadda yadda yadda. The scanning part went reasonably smoothly, so it seems like if I just want to sit and scan pictures I can do quite a few in an hour or so (it’ll take a while to catch up). And of course if we can get in the habit of using the digital camera that would save a step, too. But I would think some (cheap or free) software out there would help to do this, much like blogger helps in the formatting of weblogs. Probably next month I’ll take the plunge and register my own domain and find a webhost with lots of available space. Although Beth takes a fair amount of pictures, they all end up buried under piles of junk in the house once they’ve come back from the drugstore and been looked at. Or else they get chopped up and made into scrapbook pages, which in turn get buried under piles of junk and no one sees again (plus it takes like a week to make one page). So I think it’d be good to have an archive someplace of the good pictures, or a representative sample anyway, that can be accessed at will. The hard part is the actual publication, so we’ll see how it goes.