Took an extra day off today as the piano tuner was coming to visit and I’d never actually met the guy before. This time around it needed more than just a tuning, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to talk to him directly about its various problems. As it turned out, none of them were serious, but just a result of the piano getting older and never having had that much done to it up to this point. So he spent about an hour just re-tightening everything, fixing a number of sticking keys, reglueing the heads on some hammers, etc., such that he ran out of time before he’d actually tuned the thing. So he has to come back to finish the job in the next couple of days. Already it’s a vast improvement, but having it in tune will be even better. Now that I’ve been playing it more, I’ve recently been contemplating what the various options are in getting a different one (what I have is a Baldwin mid-sized upright, which I bought new in 1985, shortly after I moved here). There are so many different brands out there now, and manufacturers who produce pianos under several different names, not all of the same nationality, it gets confusing quickly. The prevailing sentiment among tuners is still that Yamahas are the best made for their price-range, but I was never enamored of the sound of a Yamaha, so it seems like there can be some trade-off between sound and craftsmanship/durability. I don’t figure on making a change anytime soon (a grand is pretty much out of the question unless I get a bigger house to put it in).