Oops, it’s suddenly past 11 and I don’t have time to enter a full description of the convention, so I’ll have to leave that for tomorrow (hopeful that I can still remember it by then). In summary it was a good show, interesting to have it Boston for the first time in my experience, as it makes it feel almost like an out-of-town convention. The fact that the Sheraton is attached to the Prudential shops was handy considering it was about five degrees outside all weekend, since I could head over to the food court for meals without having to go outside. Yesterday I parked in the Prudential garage, which was kind of pricey but meant I didn’t really have to go outside at all the entire time. Paying to park seems to make it more conducive to hanging around, and for some reason by the time the convention was over this afternoon I wasn’t too worn out (until after the kids were in bed this evening and I segued into an unscheduled three-hour nap). Picked up a few things, including MacLeod’s The Human Front and Dark Light and Reynolds’ Turquoise Days, but not much in the British editions I was hoping to find. If British SF is so popular these days, how come more dealers don’t have the new stuff? Even Darrell Schweitzer went without a table in the dealer’s room, so I couldn’t get recent issues of Interzone, and David Hartwell can’t get more issues of Spectrum. Since I won’t be going over there again any time soon, I may have to take the plunge with amazon.uk. Anyway, as I said, hopefully more info tomorrow.